Saturday, December 21, 2013

Where did the summer go?

(Whoops!  Meant to post this a month ago!)

Wow, here we are, almost through November already.  Just celebrated the last of the family birthdays for the year with Atira turning 12 and Farra turning 14.  The other wee ones; Seth, 10; Blue, 8; Royal, 6; Little, 4; Justin, 2.  Come January they'll start turning odd again.  ;)

Little bit of fall fun
 Denny and the observatory deck with "Tardis" (in progress) telescope shed.  We spent many hours clearing out scrub oaks and cedars to open up a little sky.  Well worth the effort!  Just a short walk from the house, right by the shut-ins on our creek... very nice viewing by night or by day.

 A few of the kids dressed up for their first Halloween. 
 We were adopted by a young Canada goose this summer, much to Denny's joy.  She is a dear, but I'm not sure I want to encourage him in letting her follow him into the house!

 As luck would have it, soon after we began to consider adding a Pyrenees puppy to the family (before our old Murphy gets too old), we met some folks who were willing to give us their last pup.  Everyone gave Feynman a warm welcome.
 Little, rolling out some pizza dough
 Royal being studious
 Justin being a cutermus.

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