Sunday, April 20, 2014

Spring on the Homestead

Spring, as they say, is pretty much awesome.
       Wait, is that what they say?  Oh, no.  Um, yeah… spring is springing.  See spring spring.  Go spring go.

It has taken hours upon hours to clean up the mess left by one of our previous occupants.  No more scrap metal, no more soda pop bottles, no more tools rusting in the rain, no broken down cars or old trailers, and two less ugly, rickety sheds.  In place of these things there are flower beds with native flowers transplanted from Denny’s place, an herb spiral, blueberry bushes, arbors built from cedar branches, a duck pond, low rock walls and borders, safe, debris-free areas for the children to play… and more beautiful things and projects all the time.

Here are some snippets from around Make-It-Do Farm...

Daisy had triplets this year, the two bucks pictured with her and the doe in Blue’s arms in the next.  We’ve been bottle-feeding the doe to make sure she gets what she needs without competing with her brothers.  We’ll sell her in a couple weeks when she is weaned, as we really have no room on the farm for a goat who thinks it’s a human.  =)
IMG 3354
IMG 3617
One of Rochel’s two bucklings.  Little named this one Sniffy and the other Finder.
IMG 3358
Yours truly opening my first shipment of paperback copies of my book.
IMG 3375
A Denny and a Little gardening on a warm day...
IMG 3656
Farra is often doing make-up and costumes just for fun.  I think she and Seth are supposed to be some kind of savages...
 IMG 3397
Filling the duck pond...
IMG 3724
Building the arbor for the raspberries.  Note the duck pond in the background, surrounded by rock.  Denny has been hard at work!
IMG 3729
And as always, we have been hard at work making and selling soap.  Be sure to check out for prices and varieties!

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