Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Happy 12th Birthday, Farra!

And happy Mother’s Day to me!  =)

       Actually, it was yesterday, the 14th, but because we had such a full day, I didn’t have time to post.  Farra declined my offer to take her out to eat, just she and I, and instead we came up with a hike at Pickle Springs, about 45 minutes away.  It was a balmy 75° here yesterday, with that southern breeze that makes it seem like spring, very overcast and threatening to rain.  It did rain near the end of our 2 mile, 2 hour hike, but only for about 2 minutes.  We had a grand time.  Unfortunately, Bobby was at work.  We managed to get home and get dinner and a German chocolate cake made, and the other kids finished preparing their gifts for Farra, so the evening was fun, too.  Farra is an incredible young lady, a very conscientious and helpful daughter, and one of my best friends.

DSCF2760   DSCF2655 DSCF2667DSCF2666  DSCF2677 DSCF2688

 DSCF2680 DSCF2643DSCF2710  DSCF2742

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  1. New to your blog, happened through here by Seeking the Narrow Way... I just love these photos!