Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Creative Laundry

NOW I’ve got your attention, haven’t I?  =)

         All our children, aged 2 and up, share one cardboard box for their socks.  They are rarely in pairs.  You will often see my middle children wearing mismatched socks.  I mean really mismatched, like one white ankle sock with one red knee-high (um, that would be Blue).   The box spills over as they dig through it and I figure must wash the same clean socks several times each because when I insist they pick their dirty clothes up off the floor they scoop up everything and toss it in the hamper.

           Well, after schoolwork today I was trying to find something quiet for the middles and bigs to do while the littles napped.  They made a fair go of sorting the colorful socks, but no one wanted to tackle the white ones.  So, I sat down with them and helped for awhile, then had what I thought was a delightfully creative idea.  We piled all the socks up, each drew six, and we proceeded to play Go Fish with them.  What a hoot!  When we were left with a small pile of unmatched socks they were very willing to dig through their toy box, under their beds, and in all the far corners of the house looking for matches.

         Yes, I think we have a winner.

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